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Matt Wilson and BATL (The Backyard Axe Throwing) Chief Operation Officer founded the National Axe throwing Federation in 2016. National Axe Throwing Federation organizes leagues in 50 cities around the world to enhance its growth and popularity.

NATF support competitions in 7 North American regions and one International region through its membership. NATF organizes Wilson Cup in February each year under National Axe Throwing Championship. In this championship, leagues player compete with each other.

Wilson cup is named after NATF’s commissioner Matt Wilson who with his few friends pioneered this axe throwing sport in his Toronto backyard back in 2006.

Wilson Cup winners

Here is the list of previous

  • Staun Riley 2017-2018
  • Stefan Herda 2016-2017
  • Stefan Herda 2015-2016
  • Stefan Herda 2014-2015
  • Stefan Herda 2013-2014
  • Jari Salovaara¬† 2012-2013
  • Dave Michna 2011-2012

NATC wilson Cup winner

In 2017-2018 Wilson Cup winner Staun Riley was awarded Wilson Cup and Staun along with other five top contestants were award a prize of $7500. This year competition took place in Toronto, Canada. The final round of NATC was live streamed on official Facebook Page with commentary. Total 45000 facebook users tuned in during the Final match.

NATF Scoring Rules

Each match has three rounds where Five Axes are thrown per round according to National Axe Throwing Federation.

If any players win two out of three rounds first then he will be declared winner.  Target under NATF has the bullseye, followed by red and blue ring respectively. The scoring is 5, 3, and 1 for each ring respectively.

Green dots in the corner of targets worth 7 points. These green dots are known as “Clutches”. Player has to mention/Call for these dots if he is going to hit them during the final throw of the match.

Note: If axe doesn’t stick on the target or Point where it hits than no points will be given to the player.

NATF Membership Organizations

  • ABQ Axe
  • Forged Axe Throwing
  • Chopper’s Hatchet House
  • Civil Axe Throwing
  • Axe Factor Singapore
  • Maniax Axe Throwing
  • Axe Nation
  • Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL)
  • Kraken Axes
  • Detroit Axe
  • UberWarrior
  • True North Axe Throwing
  • Urban Axes
  • Valhalla Indoor Axe Throwing
  • Timber Lounge Halifaxe
  • Bounce Milwaukee (Fling Milwaukee)
  • Bullseye Axe Throwing
  • Northern Axperts
  • Axe Club of America
  • Golden Axe Throw Club
  • Rage Academy
  • Meduseld Meadery
  • Half Axe
  • LA AX
  • Peterborough Axe Club
  • Riot Axe
National Axe Throwing Federation | National Axe Throwing Championship
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  1. How can I enter or compete in the Wilson Cup next year? Do they ask for club affiliation or any other certificate to participate?

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    This Staun Riley looks crazy for Axe Throwing.

  3. Damn those 45K viewers. Lucky they got to enjoy this crazy Axe throwing live.

  4. To be honest, $7500 is nothing for 6 participants. If they want their Championship to be successful then they have to increase the prize money to attract more players in the league.

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