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The Axe Throwing rules

Axe Throwing Rules

Only the ‘Fore-Bit’ of the Double Bit Axe can score a hit on the target area – but the bit must stick in the target. The Fore-Bit only needs to nick the line separating two scoring areas to win the points of the higher scoring area. The winner is whoever has the best score after […]

National Axe Throwing Federation | National Axe Throwing Championship

NATC wilson Cup winner

Matt Wilson and BATL (The Backyard Axe Throwing) Chief Operation Officer founded the National Axe throwing Federation in 2016. National Axe Throwing Federation organizes leagues in 50 cities around the world to enhance its growth and popularity. NATF support competitions in 7 North American regions and one International region through its membership. NATF organizes Wilson […]

Jennifer Lawrence Challenges Jimmy to an Axe Throwing Contest

Jennifer Lawrence axe throwing competition

Do you know Jennifer Lawrence lost an axe-throwing competition against American comedian Jimmy Fallon in the comedy show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”? Interestingly, Jennifer Lawrence was telling American comedian Jimmy Fallon that how recently she tried axe throwing for the first time and she challenged a little competition with Jimmy. So He accepted his challenge and invited […]

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