The Axe Throwing – A New Unusual Hobby

What is an Axe throwing?

Ever since man came into the existing world they have been throwing stuff at other stuff. Throwing things evolves almost 90% of games.

There is a huge list of such games, for example, Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Throwball, Squash, Bowling, Table Tennis, Badminton and it goes on and on. So now we talk about Axe Throwing and look at its history we found out its one of the ancient games, thousands and thousands of years old.

If we recall how people lived during the stone age, use of axe for hunting animals was the only source for killing animals. so axe was basically the invention of people of that time. Now throwing axe Is a worldwide popular sport. People train and learn its basic techniques. A competitor throws axe on a target and tries its best to throw it as near as possible to the bull’s eye.

Now There are many bars and clubs for Axe throwing in Canada, United States and the United Kingdom where participants can compete with each other. World Axe Throwing League and many other Axe Throwing festivals also provide opportunities to compete.  National Axe Throwing Federation  organize National Axe Throwing Championship every year and announce a winner.

Axe throwing

Axe Throwing Equipments

Well, There are two major equipment required for Axe throwing:

1- Axe or a Hatchet

2- Target or Board

Axe or Hatchet

Let’s begin,Throwing Axe

For starters, Small Axes are the best choice. You don’t need a too much sharp axe. If the blade is slow and rough it is still okay.  If you have a regular axe that will do its job too.

Remeber: Shaft of the axe plays a major role in the game.

Size and Length of the shaft will decide how far you have to stand from the target to do a full rotation and hit its target.

There are different types of Axes available with different shapes, handles, sharpness, Size, and Length. You can find a detailed guide with pros and cons on this blog post.


Now you will need a target. You can build your own with wood which you can get from your local store.Axe throwing Target

TidBit: Ensure that target can stand up to the weight of an axe being thrown.

Let’s dig a little deeper

The wood stump that you are going to purchase or cut, should be at least 60 centimeters in diameter or 24 inches. This will last a lot longer and you’ll find that the axes will stick to them very easily.

Axe throwing Rules

When you play any sport, some rules, techniques and safety points should be followed for the game to get proper fun and joy. So, in this section, I will discuss the rules and regulations, technique and safety advice for throwing axe.

If you want to compete against your opponents you have to learn and know about the techniques and rules of this game. Due to the use of axe, it is a dangerous game so you should follow the safety points. I will also discuss these safety points in this section.

Axe Throwing Rules

There are different rules to play Axe Throwing game. Some rules are pre-game rules and some are during play rules. I will write down rules that are widely used around the world in Leagues, Events, Festivals and in local axe throwing bars and clubs. I am starting with the pre-game rules of Axe Throwing.

Pre-Match Rules

Here we are going to discuss Pre-Game Rules.

Age Requirement

There are no standard rules for age limit but the people or Internation bodies who organize the leagues and Events set the rules accordingly. So, if you want to participate in any league of axe throwing then contact with the management of that league to confirm the age limit that they set for the participants to enter in the league.

Quality of the Target

  • Before starting a match, please check the quality of the target where you are going to through the axe.
  • The target should be new and smooth and you should be able to indicate the area where axe hit from throwing point.
  • The target can be the large piece of wood indicating the central point and boundary lines of tracks.
  • The piece of wood (target) should be wet with the water because it will become soft and you will be able to indicate the damaging area properly. If the target is not wet and is hard then spray water on it before starting the game.


  • Before starting a proper match, be prepared for the game.
  • Few Warm up throws should be done to check the target’s exact position and distance.
  • Inform the match referee before throwing axe as a warm-up throw.

Match Rules

When you have started playing, you have to follow some rules otherwise you will be kicked out of the game and that will be a shame for you. So, don’t worry! I am here to solve your query.

  • Each match consists of 3 rounds.
  • In every round, you have to throw axe five times. It means you have to do five throws in every round.
  • A player who wins the two rounds out of three wins the match.
  • According to the rules of the game, you have to play third round even if you have won previous two rounds.
  • The score of all three rounds will be calculated at the end of the game.
  • In a match, If a player wins the first round and next two rounds end without any decision then the player who won the first round will be the winner of the game.
  • If both players won equal rounds or all rounds are declared as a draw than death fashion technique is used to decide the winner in this situation.
  • A big axe is thrown by the both of players. If a player hit the axe to the central blue point the throw will be considered good and the player throws a good throw, he is considered as the winner, if both players throw a bad throw then the situation is continued until the decision is made by the referee of the match.

Scoring Rules

When you throw an Axe, what scores you will get? The answer to this question is in this section below:

  • There are five rings in the target from centre to the boundary. The central ring is filled with the red colour. In the fifth ring, blue balls are created. Every ring and balls have different points mentioned as following:
  • If axe hits the central ring then that player will be given 6 points.
  • When axe will hit within the second ring, 4 points will be awarded.Axe Throwing Target and Points
  • For the third ring, points will be 3.
  • And there are 2 points if the axe hit within the fourth ring.
  • 1 point for the fifth ring.
  • If an axe hits the blue balls within the fifth ring, the points will be 10.


                Blue Balls
  • A player can call that he will hit the ball, but he is allowed to hit balls only in the last throw of every round.
  • A player has to inform the referee for Clutch or blue dot hit before throwing the axe.
  • If a player does not call, then the throw will be a normal throw.
  • If a player calls for the clutch and then he missed the blue dots, Not a single point will be awarded.

Technical Rules

There are some technical rules for the players’ position and distance from the target. These rules are the following:

  • When a player throws the axe, if axe is touching the two rings then higher valued ring’s points will be awarded to the player. For example, if an axe is touching the ring 3 and 2 then the 4 points will be given to the player because the second ring is the higher-valued ring.
  • After throwing an axe, axe should be sticking with the target. If it falls before taking it out from the target then there will be no points for the player. The points will give only in the situation if the axe sticks with the target before removing it from the target.
  • Players can’t delay the throwings. Some players use this strategy with the hope that the opponent’s axe may fell and he or she will lose the points. So delaying tactics are not going to work.
  • In some situations, head of the axe doesn’t hit the target. Don’t worry! According to the rules, points will be awarded to a player even if Handle/Haft of the axe hit the target but points totally depend on the ring where it hits.

Distance Rules

Do you knowHow far a player should stand from the target before throwing the axe?Axe Throwing Distance

  • A point is marked on the floor 12 to 15 feet away from the target. Player has to throw the axe according to the point that is indicated on the floor with paint or tape.
  • A three feet wide box will be marked in which player will be standing at the time of throwing the axe.
  • The front foot of the player must be in that indicated box but the back foot can be outside the box.
  • At the time of throwing axe, if your front foot is outside the box then your points will be zero for that specific throw.
  • After releasing the axe, a player can leave the standing point or box.


Axe Throwing Safety

I have discussed in the first paragraph that this game is dangerous due to the use of axe and can hurt due to some unusual throws. So, you can avoid these types of throws by following some safety rules. These simple points are the following:

                Some Key Points to Remember

  • First of all, do not compromise with the quality of axe and the target point.
  • The hand grip of axe should be new and easy to grip.
  • The target should be new and tightly tied.
  • Spray the target with water before throwing axes. It will help axe to stick with it.
  • Keep recommended distance from the target.
  • A symbol on the floor indicates the distance from the target, follow this symbol.
  • Some people exist around the playing area to watch the game. They should stand far behind the players to keep their selves secure and safe.

Use Proper Place to Store Axes

Use proper place to store axes. After throwing or before throwing, put your axes in the holster. When you need to throw an axe, take it from the holster and after the match put it into the holster. This can save you from the misuse of the axe.

In my opinion, a person from the management should be standing near the axes to take care. Sometimes, people that come to watch the game can misuse these axes intentionally or unintentionally. At the time of putting axes in the holster, Keep in mind that the front side or head of the axe should be towards the downside, it will be more safe and secure for all the people hanging around.

Throw at the proper time

            The time of throwing axe also matters to the safety and security. The question is when to throw the axe? Don’t throw axe without informing the referee, your throw will be wasted. When a match starts properly, wait for the call from match referee when he allows you to throw the axe.

The most important point is that do not give attention to the voices of people who have come to watch.

Retrieve the Axe from Target

            When a player hits the target, some people or the player will retrieve the axe from the target. Sometimes it is easy to retrieve but sometimes it is very difficult due to the power and strength of the player who thrown axe. So, if it is easy to retrieve, you need to follow some instructions. And if it is hard to retrieve, you also need to follow some instructions.

When it is easy to retrieve, don’t put your feet under the axe because it can fall automatically and can injure your feet. When you are applying force on the axe to retrieve it, do not stand in the front of axe position. And be remember the people should not be in the front of axe position because it can slip from your hands.

First aid

Accidents happen, Although they have never been too serious.

Don’t start axe throwing if you don’t have first aid kit in hand. An accident can happen anytime and you or your opponent can get injured so make sure you have first aid kit available every time. All axe throwing bars/clubs or leagues must be armed with first aid kit.

Don't Try This at Home


If it's done correctly, axe throwing is an extremely safe and fun activity during vacations. But don't try this at home it can be seriously dangerous, In US, UK and Canada there are dozens of fully equipped axe throwing bars with safe facilities and trained professional to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

So instead of trying this at home you should visit local clubs and book your day.

Axe Throwing TechniquesAxe Throwing distance and Technique              

If you know the proper axe throwing techniques, you can easily win the match. And secondly, if you know proper techniques than you will be safe and secure during the game and there are fewer chances of an injury.


You can read detailed and very well explained Axe throwing techniques on this link


Form, Control and Movement are the key elements for proper axe throwing. 

Axe throwing technique  


Axe throwing is popular around the world. Parties, events, sports festivals are not complete without the axe throwing game. A lot of people come to the grounds to watch this game. Some people watch it on the tv. So, it is necessary for the people who are interested in this game that they should know all about this game. I have mentioned rules, safety plans, and techniques of this game.

I recommend you this game if you follow all the rules and safety plans of the game. Remember it, safety is more important than anything so do not compromise with the safety. Play and Enjoy the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring my own axe in the leagues or events?
Yes, You can bring your own axe as long as it's in good condition and organizers allow to use it.
Q: What Should I wear?
Axe thrower must wear comfortable clothes and closed toed shoes.
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