Stronger than the darts: We tested the axe throw, which arrives in the region

Trying axe throwing

This popular practice in Canada spreads little by little in France. But on the coast, no place as it existed before the opening of Tomahawk last month in Nice.

“throw An axe, it’s a disarray! This is the first word, the first sensation! , explains Jean, 60 years old, passing to show the place to a friend. When I pass the door of the establishment, this is my first questioning.

What effect does it make to improvise lumberjack? A group of eight people are bleeding two targets. Between their agitation, their cries and the falling axes, the place is quite noisy.

“There is such satisfaction when the axe finally crashes that one expresses its joy spontaneously!”, exclaims oceane, 20 Years. “before This experience, I didn’t know the concept at All. I think it’s great! “, adds the Girl. With his friends, they came to Toulon on purpose for the Occasion. “i am a childhood friend of Dimitri, the Creator. When I showed the videos on the day of the opening, it immediately gave envy and we booked “, informs Valentino.

A friendly spirit

On a trip to Canada, Dimitri discovers Practice. It only took him two hours to decide to report the Tomahawk project with Him. “more than the axe throw, I wanted to transport this exceptional usability from one continent to another,” he says.

Indeed, The atmosphere is particularly familial between the bar and the corners sofas and the manager who puts very quickly at ease in this universe made entirely of wood. Dimitri did not need the training to lead this sign, but remains very strict on the respect of the Rules: “we still handle real white weapons.”

My experience begins with this step: ten minutes of explanations, essays and Advice. I share the target with Marc and Matt, a dad and his son, and Noemi, with whom I will team up.

“chivalry obliges me to let you win “, Marc before the start of the Game. I’m Competitor and inside, I’m going to give it all away. Each player has three throws and the points are put on a sheet.

Not a QUESTION of strength

playing axe throwing

The game lasts an Hour. The first tests are laborious, whether in one team or the Other. And then at once… “Yes! “, Arms in the air, I explode with joy. Right in the middle of it!

After two shots where the axes were planted, I managed to aim Perfectly. “in fact, It’s a shot to Take. At one point it works “, Matt tells me, a little disgusted at having Lost.

Our part finished (and won!), I find the group Toulonnais. “there is no similar sensation that could be found in another activity,” Valentino Recognizes.

And when I ask Oceane if she will retry the experiment, she replies immediately “we’ll resume an hour! “. In two parts, she multiplied her score by 10. How the force is useless to wield the axe, Gentlemen.

Stronger than the darts: we tested the axe throw, which arrives in the region
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Stronger than the darts: we tested the axe throw, which arrives in the region
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